Senin, 05 November 2012

Al Qaeda Claims Credit for the Super Storm Sandy Attack On America?

Well it looks as if Hurricane Super Storm Sandy wants to linger around a while even past Halloween 2012; now that's a scary thought. Hurricane Sandy has already combined with a massive cold front, and now that Super Storm is backing up more weather flows from the prevailing East to West, including a good bit of precipitation which is making its 3-day journey across the country. Will the Midwest and East Coast ever get a break from the stormy weather? Will the floodwaters ever reside? Will Toronto and Montréal Canada be the next large city victims of this weather anomaly and calamity?

As chaos ensues and the media registers record viewership, Al Qaeda is making their next video claiming credit for the super storm and attack on America. Of course, they also tried to take credit for Hurricane Katrina but, we know that isn't true. Someday in the future scientists will figure out how to create super storms, and also how to knock them down. We may in the future be able to prevent Typhoons, Cyclones, and Hurricanes from forming through frequency manipulation and modulation of water vapor during the evaporation process on the surface of the ocean.

No, I'm not suggesting we are there yet, and I'm pretty certain Al Qaeda does not have this technology. It's too bad we didn't have such capability today because we could have prevented this Super Storm Sandy from flooding out New York City, Atlantic City, and a good portion of the low-lying areas of New Jersey. Not to mention the other flooding and damage that occurred in so many other states. But what if we do get that technology, and what if we use it to create a force multiplier strategy for warfare? Will we actually use it, and if we unleash that type of power, how do we turn the weather off once it's accomplished its mission - easier said than done.

Previously, when governments have used silver iodide to seed clouds, sometimes they can't get the rain to stop once it starts and then it ends up flooding out entire region. We've done it here the United States a few times, and China has also done it to themselves by accident attempting to alleviate droughts. It seems whenever we create a way to modify Mother Nature, she comes back and reminds us who is boss. Every time we create a devastating weapon, eventually our enemies threatened to use it on us.

Today, we are worried about nuclear proliferation in Iran which could spread throughout the Middle East and into South America. If I ran gets a nuclear weapon, and since they already sponsor international terrorist groups, there's a good chance we will enter an age of nuclear terrorism.

What if someday in the future Al Qaeda really did have some sort of energy weapon to create super storms? This isn't a science fiction flick question, although there have been genres along this theme - it is however a real question. Will we call it Weather Terrorism? And isn't Mother Nature already terrorizing us with the weather?

The Greek Gods of various forms of weather were believed to be tormenting and terrorizing humans back then. Maybe they know something about the future that we don't? Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it because it is an interesting future scientific question that we must ponder in advance of that potentially eventuality.

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