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God Is a Woman and Jesus Was Her Husband

Christians call Jesus Son of God but in The Quran God stresses that Jesus was human. There is ample evidence that the texts of the Gospels have been changed and that the role of Mary Magdalene has been altered. Jesus was a reincarnation of Adam while Mary Magdalene was a reincarnation of Eve. In the original creation story Eve was not made out of the rib of Adam but Eve gave birth to Adam. This is the reason why Eve is called Mother of All the Living. For 6,000 years God has hidden Her identity.

In the Gospel Adam is named Son of God while Jesus is called firstborn of all creation. This means that Adam was born and that Eve was God. The Gospel also states that Christians are children of God and born of God. Men cannot give birth so God is a Mother and the text has been altered. The love of God Jesus was speaking of, is the love of a Goddess for Her husband. Jesus was born in the same way Adam was born, from a woman without the seed of a man. Eve and Adam have been around many times. Noah was a husband of God, like Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David and Mohammed. Reincarnations of Eve and Adam also played a significant role in history outside The Bible.

This universe is a virtual reality based on the universe God is living in. In this virtual reality She has had many lives. Our universe is controlled by a programme that is running for approximately 6,000 years. God can assume roles in Her own universe. The purpose of this universe is to provide entertainment for Her. The gods are real humans that produced an advanced civilisation, became immortal, and entertain themselves with virtual realities like this universe. The world God comes from may have come about by accident and the laws of natural selection may apply there.

The Evidence

The following evidence in the scriptures supports the theory:

Jesus was with God in the beginning (John 1:2) but there is no mentioning of Jesus in the Tanakh (Old Testament).

Adam is referred to as son of God (Luke 3:38), Jesus as firstborn over all creation (Col. 1:15) so Adam was born and Jesus was a reincarnation of Adam.

Christians are considered to be children of God and born of God (John 1:12-13) so God was a Mother before the text was altered.

No Father is mentioned in the Tanakh, only Eve is named Mother of All the Living (Gen. 3:20).

After having created the humans on the sixth day in Genesis 1, God appears to have started over again by creating Adam and Eve in Genesis 2. This indicates that the text has been changed.

Adam calling his wife Eve because She would become mother of all the living also suggests tampering.

The Quran states that God tested Adam during The Fall (Quran 20:115-121), while The Bible states that Eve seduced Adam (Gen. 3:4-6).

The Quran mentions the creation of Adam extensively but does not mention the creation of Eve, which may indicate that Eve was never created.

The Quran mentions that Jesus and Adam were created in a similar way (Quran: 3:59). They were both born from a virgin.

The repeated reference in the Gnostic texts of Mary Magdalene being loved by Jesus more than the others indicates that the Beloved Disciple in the Gospel of John was originally Mary Magdalene before the text was redacted.

The last chapter of the gospel of John appears to be added later to suggest that the Beloved Disciple was John as the previous chapter already has closing lines (John 20:30-31).

There apparently had been rumours that the Beloved Disciple had become immortal (John 21:23). If the Beloved Disciple was Mary Magdalene and if She was God then this would have made sense.

The love of God Jesus was speaking of (John 17:23-26) was the love of a Goddess for Her husband.

John the Baptist talks in the Gospel (John 3:27-29) in terms of himself as a best man with the implication that Jesus the bridegroom is coming to meet his bride, but there is nothing specific to identify the bride (see also: Luke 5:34, Matt. 9:15).

It was customary for a Jewish rabbi to be married and the apostles called him rabbi (Mark 11:21).

The marriage described in the Gospel of John (John 2:2-8) could be the wedding of Jesus because at a Jewish wedding guests normally do not give orders.

Jesus started doing miracles at this wedding, which may indicate that this wedding turned him into the Messiah.

In the Parable of the Ten Virgins the Kingdom of Heaven is compared with a wedding banquet in which Jesus is the bridegroom (Matt. 25:1-13).
The scheme of God hiding Her identity

Even though God appears to be a male in the Tanakh and the Quran, many scholars believe God is gender neutral because male is the default gender. Jews and Muslims do not see God as a Father. God being a Father is an entirely Christian notion. Therefore the ability of God to give birth, combined with the many traces of forgery in the Gospel, implies that God is a Mother. Eve is called Mother of All the Living and therefore Eve was Her first incarnation in this universe.

The Virgin Mary veneration stemmed from the veneration of saints and martyrs in early Christianity. As prayers were addressed to saints, there were also prayers directed to the mother of Jesus. Over time Virgin Mary became the most prominent saint. Later on statues and images of Virgin Mary have been made similar to mother goddesses like Isis. It all seems to have been planned by God despite the fact that God forbade the use of images in worship (Ex. 20:4-5). The Mother Goddess Mary, who had been eliminated from the Gospel, re-entered the Church via a back door. The birth of Jesus from Virgin Mary resembles the birth of Adam from Eve. As more and more prayers were directed to Virgin Mary, she became a proxy for God.

Jesus is called Son of Mary in The Quran (Quran 19:34), while Christians call him Son of God. This reference excludes the possibility of God being the father of Jesus but it also points at the fact that the name of God was Mary, a secret only known to God. In The Quran Sura 74 named The Hidden Secret or The Cloaked One it is suggested that the number 19 contains a hidden secret (Quran 74:30). There has been a controversy surrounding this secret, which should provide evidence that The Quran is a message from God. The hidden secret is also translated as a man wearing a cloak. Sura 19 is named Mary while God is a woman even though most people think that She is a man. The hidden secret is that God was named Mary and that Sura 19 is a secret key that reveals Her identity.

The St. Mary of Zion Church in Ethiopia claims to contain the original Ark of the Covenant. According to tradition, the Ark came to Ethiopia with Menelik I after visiting his father King Solomon. In the 1950's the Emperor Haile Selassie built a new modern Cathedral next to the old Cathedral of Our Lady Mary of Zion that was open to both men and women. The old church remains accessible only to men, as Mary symbolised by the Ark of the Covenant allegedly resting in its chapel, is the only woman allowed within its compound. The Ark of the Covenant was the residence of the spirit of God (JHWH), so this is a remarkable coincidence because God was also named Mary.

Shortly after discovering Natural Money, which is a lasting solution for the economic, social and ecological crisis, a woman I have met years ago, and seemed to be making Herself noticed ever since making accidents and coincidences happen, had a message for me. She broke into my mind using telepathy, dreams and mind control. She presented Herself as Eve and gave me the impression that I was Adam.

Natural Money can help to solve the financial, social and ecological crisis that is unfolding. Based on the discovery of Natural Money, the messages, and the accompanying events, I assumed that She is God. I worked for years researching the suggestions She made and concluded that the universe is a virtual reality and that God is a woman.

Because of what happened, and because December 21, 2012 is approaching, I worked on a plan for the future. I made the best of it using the information at my disposal, so do not assume that the plan is flawless. If you believe me then you have a good reason to spread the message because your future could depend on it. The outline of the plan can be found here:

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